4 Back to School Safety Tips

Summer vacation has ended and a new school year is here. Life is about to get a lot busier for everyone which means a lot more distractions. We wanted to provide you with these back-to-school safety tips to make this time a lot easier to manage.

Watch for Traffic

Between the influx of buses and cars dropping off kids for school, foot traffic will also increase. Make sure you keep an eye out and remind your children not to run out into traffic. Always look both ways before crossing the street.

Obey the Crossing Guard

Whether you’re driving or walking your kids to school, make sure you show a good example and only cross when the guard instructs you to. The crossing guard is there to watch traffic and keep you and your children safe.

Wear a Helmet When Biking to School

If your child likes to bike to school, make sure they are always wearing a properly fitted helmet. A good helmet will prevent avoidable head and brain injuries if an accident occurs.

Listen to the Bus Driver

If your child rides the bus to and from school, make sure they are aware of proper bus safety. Remind them to face forward and listen to their bus driver and don’t distract them: they have a very important job that requires their full focus.

Do you know the repercussions of driving past a stopped school bus with its overhead red lights flashing, or its stop arm activated? Visit https://www.ontario.ca/page/school-bus-safety to learn more.

Make sure you and your children are prepared for the school year. The best way to prevent an accident is to brush up on as many safety tips as you can. Unfortunately, you can’t always prevent others’ negligence. If you or your child have been involved in an accident on your way to school, contact us at Zuber Brioux immediately.