4 Tips for Newly Single Parents

4 Tips for Newly Single Parents

Being a solo parent for children is not simple – all of the duties you had with a partner are still necessary, and some tasks are inherently much more difficult. Not only are you faced with all parental duties, but also all decision making, financial duties, and much more. Below are 4 effective tips to make the parenting journey a little less stressful.

Self Care is Important

It is very important to make sure your child’s needs are met, but it is just as important to ensure your own needs are met as well. Parents often put their children’s needs before their own, and rightfully so, but never forget to take care of yourself as well. Make time to eat nutritious meals, get enough sleep, and find an outlet or hobby you enjoy that you can do when you have time (make an effort to make time for this!). With your little ones depending on you, it’s important to make sure you don’t burnout by forgetting about yourself.

Find Comfort in Other Single Parents

Always remember – you are NOT alone! It is now more common than ever to have children living in a single-parent home. These stats are higher than ever, but this isn’t a bad thing. There are millions of other people going through the exact same thing, and you can find comfort in that. By joining groups, extracurricular activities, and attending community functions you are sure to find single parents just like you.

Get Creative with Your Childcare

Providing for both yourself and your children on a single income can get stressful. With childcare costs skyrocketing, it can be challenging to fit into your budget. You can get creative with more affordable options, like offering student housing in exchange for babysitting or, if possible, form your own babysitting co-op and connect with local families to alternate days of babysitting. This could be done by accumulating points based on the number of hours you have the children, which you could redeem as needed.

Implement and Maintain a Daily Routine 

Adding more structure and routine to your day gives your children an idea of what to expect day-to-day. When juggling school, extracurriculars, and caregivers, it can feel a little chaotic for both you and your children. By putting a routine in place for meals, bedtimes, activities, and other events, you will find everything is easier to maintain day-to-day, and this gives your child a sense of control. Additionally, this will ensure your days are running more smoothly and efficiently overall.

At Zuber and Brioux, we have decades of experience working with single parents. If you are a recently single parent or need assistance developing a parenting plan, reach out to our team today and we will be more than willing to help.