5 Back to School Safety Tips

5 Back to School Safety Tips

With back to school season upon us, it’s time for parents to start planning their back to school routines. And there’s no doubt that this year it’s going to be a little different due to COVID-19. Parents will need to focus on equipping their kids with the right tools to stay safe on the way to school and even in the classroom. But beyond the masks and sanitizer, what else do parents need to be thinking about? Here are 5 back to school safety tips for parents to help keep everyone safe this year.

Stick Around a Little Longer

If you have little kids, make it a habit of waiting with your child at the bus stop. Children left alone could stray out on the street or dismiss social distancing rules that could endanger their safety. And when the bus driver approaches, wait until they fully open the door and communicate that it’s safe before approaching. 

Slow Down in School Zones

With schools being closed for the last six months, it can be easy to forget about the school safety zones in your area. If you’ve been zipping around the streets this summer, it’s time to slow down and pay more attention. Stay on the lookout for school zone signals and maintain your speed around schools to avoid causing an accident or injury. 

Follow the Drop Off, Pick Up Rules

You should never pull into an emergency vehicle lane or in the “no parking” zone in front of a school to drop off or pick up your kids. And this year with social distancing in place, you might not be allowed to drop your kids off in your usual “approved” spot. Remember to be extra patient with staff and expect to wait a little longer than normal. Even if you’re running behind, follow all of the new drop off/pick up rules because they are in place for everyone’s safety.

Get Kids to Change Clothes and Wash Hands After School

When the kids arrive home from school, health officials advise parents to have them wash their hands and change out of their clothes right away. When it comes to their masks, place them directly in the laundry to clean and sanitize them for the next day. These new routines might be inconvenient and even irritating with so much change (and laundry) to keep up with, but during times like these, following the advice of experts is what helps keep us safe.

Parents are riddled with more anxiety than normal this year, and with so much going on regarding COVID-19, it can be easy to forget about other safety precautions. If you make a mistake that causes an injury or someone causes injury to one of your kids due to neglect, contact us at Zuber Brioux. Our personal injury lawyers are here to help!