5 Things to Do After a Winter Injury

5 Things to Do After a Winter Injury

Accidents tend to spike once the winter season arrives. And with the combination of messy weather and the holiday rush, it’s not hard to see why. If you’ve been involved in a winter injury, whether it’s a slip and fall, recreation injury or car accident caused by icy roads, here are some steps to follow.

Get Medical Treatment

Your health is your top priority, so before you do anything, get looked at by a doctor. This is not only important to identify potential injuries caused by the accident, but it’s also necessary if you plan to file a lawsuit. That medical documentation would serve as evidence to back your case if your injuries were caused by another party.

Report It

If an accident occured in the grocery store, on the sidewalk outside of a business, or even outside your apartment building, report it. Get in contact with the authorities. Explain what happened and document the details of the injury by writing them down. The more details you can include, the better it will be for you. 

Document and Photograph the Scene

If you decide to sue, you’ll need as much evidence and information as possible. Document the entire scope of the incident. This should include the address of where it occurred, the names of anyone involved, including witnesses, and ask for their contact info as well. Then get out your phone to snap some pictures of the scene. Focus on capturing any points of fault, such as broken stairs, icy roads, or unsecured railings. Just be sure to photograph the exact spot where the injury occurred. It’s also helpful to take note of what you were doing prior to the incident and any pertinent details you think might be useful.

Limit Your Communication

Limit your communication as much as possible with the person who may be at fault. Also, avoid talking to your insurer until you’ve spoken with a lawyer, and do not post anything on social media. This could end up hurting your case. The best thing you can do is get the info you need and remain as calm and neutral as possible until you get legal assistance. 

Call an Injury Attorney

Certain incidents can be challenging to prove, even if a third party was at fault. That’s why it’s imperative to have an experienced injury lawyer by your side to help you determine what type of legal action you can take. 

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