6 Home Maintenance Tips to Avoid Injury

6 Home Maintenance Tips to Avoid Injury

Skipping out on your spring maintenance chores is never a good idea. Pushing off simple repairs to save a little money can result in expensive lawsuits down the road if someone gets injured on your property as a result of your negligence. Avoid an injury this spring with these home maintenance tips.

Fix Loose Steps and Handrails

Winter can do a number on the handrails and steps both inside and outside of your home. Any loose materials could cause someone to lose their balance, resulting in a serious injury. As soon as the snow melts, check for any wobbly steps or handrails that have become unfastened and then make sure to fix them.

Inspect Your Ladders

Thousands of injuries occur each year due to a broken or damaged ladder. That’s why it’s important to you check each rung over and purchase a new ladder if anything looks out of place.

Check the Roof for Loose Shingles

Snow and ice can loosen shingles and cause them to crack and break. Damaged shingles can become a serious hazard if they fly off the roof onto someone below. Every spring, homeowners should have their roofs inspected and fix any damaged materials.

Examine the Chimney

Getting the chimney inspected is also a “must do” not a “should do”. Broken or sparring bricks can cause serious head and neck injuries if they come loose.

Clean Out the Gutters

Guck, mud, and debris can build up in the gutters over the winter. Once the rains start, this can put extra weight on the system, causing the gutters to tear them away from your home. Gutter systems often involve nails that can end up on the ground, causing foot injuries. Broken sections can also seriously damage your home and anyone that is caught underneath, so be sure to clean out the gutters and ensure they’re securely sealed in place.

Cut Down Loose Branches

Heavy snow and ice can rest on branches causing them to crack and tear, leading to a serious injury. Proper pruning is necessary at the start of the spring season to keep the trees healthy and to ensure everyone is safe from falling branches.

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