7 Tips to Camp Safely

7 Tips to Camp Safely

As the weather starts to warm up and the summer creeps in, Canadians everywhere are getting ready for the camping season. There’s no better way to gain some reprieve from the bustling city than by heading out into nature to enjoy the beautiful scenery and serenity that this country has to offer. But before you head out, you need to be adequately prepared! Taking the time to prep in advance can ensure that will have a fun and safe time when you’re out camping this year. To get ready for your trip, follow these seven tips to camp safely this summer.

Carry a Stocked Emergency Kit with You

Whether you’re staying at a campground or in the rugged terrain, you should always carry a small emergency kit with you. This should contain at least some first aid essentials, a map, compass, snacks, a pocket knife, flashlight, and a whistle. These items can really come in handy for regular camping use, and they can make all the difference if you endure a minor injury or get lost while hiking.

Learn the Area

To avoid being disorientated when out in the woods, you should also make some time to learn about the general area when you first arrive. Use a map to familiarize yourself with the location of primary roads, landmarks, gatehouses, park rangers, and rivers. This can help you find your way back if you ever get lost while camping,or require assistance.

Follow the Campground Rules

Every campground has rules that were put in place with your safety in mind. If there’s an area with a “Do Not Enter” or “No Trespassing” sign, it has likely been put there for a good reason. Disobeying these signs could put you in danger. So make sure to follow the signs and stay within the boundaries.

Check the Weather Before Leaving

Don’t forget to check the weather before heading out for the weekend! If there’s torrential rain, mud-slides or other unfavourable weather in the forecast, it may be wise to wait it out. Being stuck out in the wilderness in a storm is not only uncomfortable but also dangerous.

Tell People Where You’re Going

Whenever you’re heading out into the woods, you should always let people know where you are going and how they can contact you or the appropriate authorities. That way if something happens and you don’t return as planned, they can reach out to the local conservation authorities to locate you.

Bring Enough Water

It’s also important to always bring enough water along with you for the entire duration of your trip. Pack enough to sustain your whole group. And if you are really roughing it, you might want to consider buying some purifying tablets in case you run out of bottled water during your stay.

Pack Antihistamines

When you’re out in the woods, there’s always a possibility that you could come across something you’re allergic to. Having some antihistamine pills on hand can help prevent any severe reactions from bees, poison ivy, or any other allergens until you can get the medical attention you need.

This season, be prepared for the camping season by following these seven essential tips to camp safely. And, if an injury or accident does happen to arise that is the fault of another or the campground, call us at Zuber Brioux. We can help you determine if you have the right to pursue a claim and get compensation for your injuries.