Although this is my bio, lets talk about you for a moment.  You’ve been hurt.  Your whole family is feeling the impact.  You need to look after yourself and your family.  Your case is important and you are looking for a lawyer who understands.  You also want a lawyer who will pick up his phone and answer the many questions you have.  You need a lawyer who will stand beside you and make life easier, not harder.  If I’m correct about any or all of these things, you’ve come to the right place.

You see, I too have a family, hobbies that I enjoy and sports that I like to play.  I also have nearly 20 years of experience that has shown me the devastating effects that any type of injury can have on my clients – physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.  That’s why at our office we do things differently.  We are committed to providing accessible, compassionate legal help and we are highly motivated to get your case to its conclusion as quickly as possible.

I should mention that I graduated law school in 1996, was called to the bar in 1998 and have appeared in front of various levels of court and numerous tribunals during my career.  I have a tremendous success rate in dealing with injured people just like you.  Our office  has obtained judgments and settlements worth millions of dollars for our clients.  We can talk more about me when we meet if you wish, but I prefer to focus on you.

Please call me at 613-384-4900.  I’ll be happy to answer your questions.