If you applied for long term disability and have been denied, or if you have received disability and they have denied your claim after a reassessment, you need to speak to Zuber Brioux long term disability claim lawyers.

In the province of Ontario, monthly disability benefit recipients may need to re-qualify following the initial two-year period. In many instances this process is as simple as proving that you are unable to perform your former job as a result of your injury or sickness. After two years, you must also prove that you are unable to perform any job that your training and experience would allow you to do, were it not for the injury or illness.

If you are unable to work but have been refused benefits either before or after the initial two-year period, it is important that you seek professional legal advice. We are highly trained and experienced and will work hard to achieve a successful resolution to your claim.

If you need a disability claim lawyer, we can help. Contact our Kingston law firm for a free consultation. We’ll review your situation and determine your eligibility for continued disability benefits.

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