5 Common Motorcycle Injuries

Riding a motorcycle can be a very enjoyable experience, but it can also be incredibly dangerous. Motorcycles are less stable than cars and don’t offer the same level of protection. And when driving one, it’s just you and the open highway. If you’re not careful and an accident occurs, you could sustain serious injuries. To...
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5 Back to School Safety Tips

With back to school season upon us, it’s time for parents to start planning their back to school routines. And there’s no doubt that this year it’s going to be a little different due to COVID-19. Parents will need to focus on equipping their kids with the right tools to stay safe on the way...
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5 Summer Safety Tips

Accidents tend to skyrocket during the summer months as the warmer weather encourages more outdoor activities, which increases the risk of injury. But with a little extra caution, you and your family can stay safe this summer. Here are a few summer safety tips to keep in mind when heading outside. Make Sure Your Vehicle...
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