Breaking the News to Your Children About Your Divorce

Breaking the News to Your Children About Your Divorce

Taking the first steps towards divorce can be difficult. Maybe you’ve been separated for some time, or perhaps you have come to the decision rather recently. It is a choice that is likely to bring up emotions on both sides, and it becomes more difficult when there are children involved.

Depending on their age, your kids might have a lot of questions, including “why are you splitting up?” which might not be straightforward to answer. Their emotions might not manifest in words, or right away, but this change will be hard for them. While there is no perfect guide to telling your children about the divorce, here are some tips for when it’s time to break the news.

Have a Plan

Decide when and where you are going to tell your kids. A safe space like your home is best. Think about what you will open with, the details you want them to know, and the ones you don’t. You know your kids better than anyone, so try to anticipate questions they might have and deliver answers in terms they can understand.

Prepare for Their Reaction

This conversation will likely be a big moment in your children’s lives. They might be distraught, ambivalent, or indifferent when you tell them about the divorce. Moving forward, watch out for signals like changes in their demeanour that will show if the news is continuing to be difficult for them. 

Explain How it Will Affect Them

Your children are going to worry about how this change will impact their lives. Since they are likely used to one home and a set schedule, focus on discussing the big differences the divorce will cause in their lives as a family. It is especially helpful if you have already set up a parenting plan in case they have specific questions.

Reassure Them

This is a big step for you and, by extension, your children. You have to reassure them this is the right choice for everyone involved. Tell them you love them and that this is not their fault. Clarify that you have it all worked out and that things will be okay.

Divorce is hard, but breaking the news to your children with care and consideration can lessen the effects and help them navigate this change. At Zuber Brioux Lawyers, we are here to help you every step of the way. We specialize in family law with a team of dedicated professionals ready to assist. Contact us to learn more about our services.