Common Accidents Children Get Into

Common Accidents Children Get Into

It’s impossible to keep our children safe 100% of the time. Despite our best efforts, accidents can and will still happen. But it’s still important to apply extra caution in certain environments and situations. Below are some of the most common children’s accidents and injuries to be aware of.


The most common injuries among children are falls. These can happen just about anywhere. The most at-risk places where falls occur include stairways, windows, elevated landings, in bathtubs, along pathways and even from their bed if there aren’t railings attached. This risk is much greater for toddlers and babies. 

Accidental Impacts and Bumping into Objects

Bumping into things is quite common for children as they run around, explore and play. This is especially true if there are siblings involved or if your children play sports. In most situations, bumping into something, or being struck by an object results in minor injury. The common causes of this type of injury include rough play, getting hit by a flying object like a ball or being knocked during sports play, accidentally walking into an object and being injured by an unsecured appliance or furniture.


During their development, kids love to touch things to feel new textures and learn about the world around them. Whether it’s playing in the yard with sharp sticks or toys, they always run the risk of cutting themselves with a sharp object. Even when you keep a stern eye on them, all it takes is one slip for them to end up with a puncture wound. The most common causes of puncture wounds are falling from a surface onto something or touching something sharp at home, such as knives or yard tools that aren’t properly stored away.


Even our most beloved fur babies can be unpredictable around children. Some dogs are visibly uncomfortable around kids, especially if they are being poked, prodded and agitated. These types of scenarios can easily lead to a bite wound if a dog tries to defend itself. In fact, dog bites are one of the most common injuries among children today.


Burns can be caused by a number of factors, not just fire. Chemical burns from household products, electrical burns, and even frostbite are also quite common for kids.

If your child has been injured on someone else’s property due to neglect or inadequate maintenance, give us a call at Zuber & Brioux Lawyers. We can guide you during this process, help you file a claim, and get the compensation you and your family deserve.