Driving Safely This Winter

Driving Safely This Winter

Winter weather brings all kinds of nasty road conditions for drivers to endure. And your best defense is to be prepared for all of the different circumstances that can occur. Here are a few important tips to remember for driving safely this winter.

Inspect Your Vehicle

First things first – get your vehicle ready for the extreme winter weather conditions with a check-up. Your local auto body and dealership will offer winter maintenance inspections that examine the condition of your tire pressure, treads, brakes, wipers, lights, and fluid levels. It’s also the perfect time to have winter tires installed for better traction.

Check Your Insurance

Always make sure your insurance is valid. Many accidents happen in the winter when the roads get icy and slippery. Don’t make the mistake of driving with an expired insurance card or you could end up facing tickets, fines, or even having your license suspended.

Plan Your Trip Ahead

Before you set out, always take a minute to plan your trip and check the weather. This includes checking the road conditions and closures. If the weather conditions are likely to worsen, use your judgment and consider delaying your trip until the weather improves and the roads are safe for driving. Planning ahead is always important for driving safely this winter.

Be Prepared For Anything

Another necessary tip for driving safely in the winter weather is to check that your emergency supply kit is stocked with everything you could potentially need. This includes a window scraper, window washer fluid, a charged cell phone, non-perishable food items, extra water, warm clothes and blanket, a shovel, sand or bag of kitty litter, a flashlight and of course jumper cables. Having these extra items on hand will keep you warm, hydrated and safe if you’re ever caught in an unexpected situation. You should also keep your gas tank half full to help you get home if you need to take lengthy detours or if gas stations are unexpectedly closed due to the weather.

Slow Down

Most of the collisions that occur during the winter are caused by drivers going too fast and losing control. So slow down and avoid any hard braking or quick acceleration. If you begin to lose control take your foot off the gas and look in the direction that you want to go. This will help prevent you from panicking and instead guide your wheels in the right direction.

Give Yourself Plenty Of Room

When driving, always give yourself plenty of room between you and the person in front of you. If someone is driving too close, safely move to another lane and let them pass. Also, avoid crowding the middle lane of on-coming traffic.

Look Out For Snowploughs

Always keep your eyes out for any snowplows on the road. If you encounter one, avoid passing and just let them pull off once they reach their route. In the winter it’s key always to give yourself enough reaction room in case of any ice or slush that can cause you to slide and skid out.

Winter weather brings all types of hazardous conditions that you need to be prepared for. And often, even when you’re prepared, collisions can still happen. If you’re ever involved in an auto-collision, contact us at Zuber Brioux. We can help guide you through the process and get the settlement you deserve.