How Social Media Can Impact Your Car Accident Lawsuit

How Social Media Can Impact Your Car Accident Lawsuit

Did you know the digital footprint you create online could hinder your chances of winning a lawsuit? If you claim one thing but your social media posts depict a completely different story, it can be used against you in court. That’s why we always recommend that our clients avoid posting anything on social media during any legal proceedings. Read on to learn how social media can impact your car accident lawsuit.

Evidence Can Be Used Against You

During a lawsuit, it is legal for the defence to use your own online content as evidence if it is relevant to the case in question. So your social media posts could end up backfiring and used against you in court. Avoid posting anything that could jeopardize your case, and better yet, avoid using it entirely until any legal matters are settled.

It Can Bring Your Credibility Into Question

If you’re posting photos or videos that show you participating and having fun in physical activities when you’re suing for physical pain and suffering following a car accident, your credibility will come into question. The defence could use your photos to prove a wrongful claim, which could leave you without a leg to stand.

Comments From Friends or Family Can Hurt Your Case

Testimony from witnesses may also come into question. If friends or family were witnesses to your accident, their comments on your social media posts could impact your lawsuit. If they state something that goes against your testimony or their own, your case could quickly be dismissed. Encourage any witnesses within your family or friend group to avoid commenting online during your case.

Online Check-Ins

Location check-ins on Facebook, Squarespace or other online platforms is another common way that you could end up losing your legal battle. Even though it’s a simple, seeming harmless habit that many of us do to show where and what we are doing, this is a prime example of something that could harm you legally. Another good reason to minimize and avoid social media when filing a claim.

Simply put, social media and car accidents shouldn’t mix. If you’ve been injured and need to file a claim, reach out to our team at Zuber & Brioux Lawyers. We will guide and advise you on the best course of action to win your case and get you the compensation you deserve.