How to Deal with a Difficult Separation

How to Deal with a Difficult Separation

A separation or divorce can be one of the toughest challenges to get through when you’re faced with the anger and pain that come along with it. Coping with separation means learning to mourn the loss of your relationship healthily, recognizing the need to take care of yourself and taking steps to move forward by focusing on the future. If you’re struggling through the waves of this process, read on to learn how to deal with a difficult separation with these coping tips.

Allow Yourself to Feel

A separation can be extremely overwhelming when you’re faced with the realization that your relationship with someone you cared for is broken. And no matter who prompted the split, emotions will be running high on either side. Anger, hurt, betrayal and sadness are often part of the equation, but the most important thing you can do to get through it is to simply allow yourself to feel. Burying those emotions is never a valid solution because no matter what, they will eventually find a way to surface, and often in an unhealthy way. So be sure to surround yourself with loved ones during this time. Family and friends can offer the support and companionship you need to express your feelings and grieve during this difficult time.

Use Physical Exercise As An Outlet

Even with the help and support of family and friends, there can still be a lot of pent up anger that you just need to let out. That’s where physical exercise can help. Join the gym, sign up for a boxing class, or start running. Find some form of activity that will provide you with a healthy outlet to burn off that pent up anger and energy and allow your body to gain some calming clarity instead.

Find What You Enjoy And Do More Of That

A separation is also a time when you can get to know yourself a little more and rediscover what you enjoy. So take advantage of this time to really dive deeper into discovering the things you love. Maybe it’s a new hobby, sport, travelling or volunteering. Whatever it may be, get out and find what makes you feel happy and good about yourself. If you can surround yourself with other people, even better. You can make new connections, distract your thoughts and boost your morale at the same time.

Focus On The Future

It is imperative that you give yourself plenty of time to go through the waves of emotions after a separation. But eventually, it’s time to give yourself a push to move on and focus on your future. Think about where you’ll live, how you’ll generate income for yourself, and seek counsel from a financial advisor and lawyer to help guide and direct you during the divorce procedures.

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