How to Deal With Insurance Companies

How to Deal With Insurance Companies

Many of us will never have to deal with our insurance company for unfortunate reasons. However, if you’re in an auto accident, experience a break-in or fire, or need to file a claim for medical reasons, you’ll need to know how to work with the insurance company to get the best outcome possible. Here are some tips to get the highest compensation possible for your claim – even if the insurance company is trying their best to prevent that from happening.

Have Plenty of Evidence to Prove Your Claim

Insurance companies will often do everything in their power to minimize your claim, so it’s important to have as much information as possible to back up what you’re stating. This includes pictures, witness statements, and reports from professionals like your doctor, specialists or the police department. You should also have readily available any medical bills associated with the injury, out of pocket expenses you’ve had to endure, and letters from your employer if you’ve had to miss work. The more information you have, the stronger your claim will be.

Review Your Policy Thoroughly

Before making a claim, be sure to review your insurance policy thoroughly. Most policies should come with a guide on how to submit a claim, along with the deadlines you’ll need to meet, as well as the appeal procedure. If you don’t understand any of the clauses or procedures, or if you’ve done everything that’s outlined in your policy but still have issues with your insurer, contact a lawyer.

Know Your Rights

Do you know your legal rights when dealing with an adjuster? If you don’t, you could end up saying or doing something that could be used against you in court. Even a simple statement made to an adjuster could be put before a judge and used to deny your claim. If you don’t know your rights, get in touch with a lawyer who does.

Understand the Settlement Process

Don’t be surprised if your insurance company tries to settle quickly. In most cases, this is done intentionally to offer the least amount of payment possible, and to avoid paying you the full amount that may become evident during a full legal proceeding. To avoid this from happening, it’s essential to have a lawyer by your side to review the offer you’re given to confirm whether it’s an appropriate one. If you accept something without talking to a lawyer first, you’ll likely receive only part of the compensation that you deserve.

Let Your Lawyer Take Control

When it comes to dealing with an adjuster, it’s best to let your lawyer handle the process, especially when disputing a claim. They are well versed in dealing with insurance companies and know exactly what to say and do in order to settle your claim effectively.

Insurance companies use a number of tactics to avoid paying you the full compensation amount. They will go to great lengths in order to protect their own interests rather than yours. At Zuber and Brioux, we’ll protect your interests and get the compensation that you deserve for your injuries. Contact us today to talk to one of our lawyers about your claim.