How to Protect Yourself From Slip and Falls This Winter

How to Protect Yourself From Slip and Falls This Winter

The fact is winter weather can be dangerous if you’re unprepared. And when it comes to the most common winter-related injury, slip and fall incidents are among the most common. Stay safe this season and every winter with these tips to protect against slippery hazards.

Avoid Using Short Cuts & Ungroomed Pathways

They might be faster, but short cut routes are usually unmaintained and more treacherous. During the winter, stick to designated routes instead. This can lower your risk of landing on icy pathways. Plus, if you do get injured on a path that doesn’t have a lot of foot traffic, you could be stranded without help. Stick to the routes that are maintained and well-lit during winter.

Invest in Good Footwear

It can’t be overstated how important it is to wear the proper footwear in the winter. Invest in a durable, insulated pair of winter boots that offer good traction. And always choose practicality and comfort over aesthetics. Even if you’re heading out somewhere fancy, wear your boots and bring along your heels to put on indoors.

Keep Your Hands Free and Out of Your Pockets

If you tend to walk with your hands in your pockets, this can increase your risk of injury if you’re suddenly swept off your feet. Try to keep them out of any pockets and free with warm gloves so you can use them to maintain control or balance if you slip.

Don’t Rush

The winter can be busy, but remember to prioritize your safety. No event is worth getting injured for. So take your time or plan ahead to give yourself lots of time to walk slowly.

Do the Penguin Shuffle

If you do find yourself on a sheet of ice, the safest way to maneuver and avoid falling is to do the penguin shuffle. This means walking literally like a penguin by shuffling your steps in short strides with your arms by your side for extra balance. It’s the safest way to avoid slipping.

Use Handrails

Even if stairs appear to be salted, get in the habit of using handrails to give yourself that extra peace of mind when travelling up or down.

Bring a Flashlight

Tripping and slipping hazards increase drastically when there’s low visibility. Since it gets dark much earlier, it’s a good idea to have a source of light to illuminate walkways or steps when needed. Even using your phone’s torch is great for improving visibility.

Despite trying your best to stay safe, accidents can still happen. Our team at Zuber & Brioux Lawyers is here to provide legal assistance if you’ve been injured due to unmaintained sidewalks, faulty railings or another form of neglect from another party. Contact us today to learn how you could be eligible for compensation.