How to Reduce the Slip and Fall Risk in Your Home

How to Reduce the Slip and Fall Risk in Your Home

Your home is a place where you should always feel comfortable and at ease. But sometimes there are hazardous conditions that can go unnoticed until you or your guests slip and fall. If this is the case and someone gets seriously injured in your home, you could end up paying their medical bills and even their loss of wages. Learn how to reduce the slips and falls risk in your home by following the below suggestions.

Improve the Lighting

The vast majority of falls happen in the dark. Brighter lighting can improve visibility in and around your home, especially when placed on stairs and in dark corners. This can better accentuate any tripping hazards and assist over-night guests who are not familiar with your home’s layout.

Add Non-Slip Tape

Non-slip tape is an excellent solution to slippery surfaces in your home. The most obvious use is in your shower and on your stairs, but you can add non-slip tape to a variety of surfaces. By using non-slip tape around your doorways or on floors that are not treated with anti-slip floor coatings, you can provide some traction for visitors who arrive in wet conditions.

Install a Shower Seat

The shower can be a very slippery place where accidents can easily happen. Fortunately, you can reduce any mishaps in the shower by adding a specialized seat. Shower seats come with adjustable legs so they can be easily modified to your height and they also come with rubber tips and suction cups to prevent sliding. With a sturdy seat installed, you and your guests can take a shower without having to worry about slipping and causing injury.

Check Handrails

Your stairs are also a slip and fall risk in your home. The majority of falls that happen on stairways are often the result of a loss of balance, which is why it’s crucial to have handrails along all of your stairways. You should also get in the habit of checking that the handrails are in good condition and repair any minor deficiencies you find to help prevent accidents from happening.

Try Non-Slip Floor Coverings

Another hazard to correct is loose floor coverings. Curled carpet edges and rugs that don’t have enough traction can leave you and your guests vulnerable to accidents. By adding non-slip floor coverings to your home, you can add an extra layer of protection to prevent any slips and falls inside.

Even if you’re cautious and do everything possible to prevent slip and fall hazards from existing in your home, accidents can still happen. If someone injures themselves on your property, contact us immediately at Zuber Brioux. We can help get you the legal protection you need if someone is hurt in your home.