Have You Been Hurt Taking Public Transportation?

Have You Been Hurt Taking Public Transportation?

What happens if you get hurt while taking public transit – such as a bus, train, or subway? Perhaps you fell when the bus came to an abrupt stop, or slipped and fell while getting off the train.  Whatever the situation, you have rights if you do get hurt when taking public transportation, and here we describe what you can do if you have been injured.

Immediate Response

If you’ve been hurt while taking public transit, your immediate response should be to inform the staff or driver of your injury. If the injuries are serious, have the staff member or someone on-site call an ambulance.

File a Detailed Report with Officials

Often the transit control or local police will arrive to help assess the situation. Make sure to file a detailed report with the officials on site and obtain a copy. You will want to ensure the report outlines the name of the transit employee, the type of transit, its registered number, the time of day, and location of the incident.

Obtain Proof

Also, take necessary photos of your injury and the vehicle you are riding on. If there were any witnesses that saw the accident, attempt to get their phone numbers and a brief statement regarding the incident.

Document Injuries

See your doctor as soon as possible. Explain the injury in great detail and discuss all the symptoms and problems you are experiencing as a result of the incident. You doctor will document your injuries and also determine if any long-term damage has been caused that will keep you from your work or regular activities. This information will be important if you need to file a claim in court or with your insurance company.

Establish Liability

To understand your legal rights, you will need to consult with a personal injury lawyer. They’ll help determine your situation and whether it is enough to build a legitimate case against the public transit company or the city. They have the experience and knowledge to determine who will carry the liability and who is at fault. They can also determine if you can make an accident benefits claim, especially in the case that your work situation or employment is affected.

Accidents that involve public transportation often leave hurt individuals unsure of their options. The laws that govern the recovery of benefits and compensation for injuries on public transit depend on several factors and can be challenging to understand. It’s important to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately after an incident to discuss all the options that are available to you.