Impact of DUI Charges on Your Driving Record

Impact of DUI Charges on Your Driving Record

DUIs, or impaired driving as the charge is referred to in Canada, are one of the leading criminal causes of death across the country. It can result in consequences including licence suspension or revocation, fines, community service hours, and even jail time. A DUI will also cause damage to your driving record, something that is important to have if you are applying for a licence in a new province or for vehicle insurance. Let’s explore the impacts in more detail.

Understanding Your Driving Record

Anyone who is licensed in the province of Ontario has a driving record. It provides a comprehensive overview of your identification details, such as your date of birth and height, as well as the status and class of your licence. It will also reveal any traffic violations you’ve committed while driving. This includes tickets, parking fines, and a history of any accidents or convictions. An employer might request a three-year driving record, which includes fines and convictions, or a licence history, which includes replacements and past addresses.

DUI on Your Driving Record

If you are a first-time offender, the consequences are meant to serve as a warning so that you don’t continue down this behavioural path. You will have to pay monetary fines totalling a minimum of $1,000, face a licence suspension, and attend an educational program on the dangers of impaired driving. The conviction will go on your driving record for three years, but that can increase if you are a repeat offender. You won’t amass any demerit points, but impaired offences are part of the Criminal Code in Canada, and each province and territory has its own additional regulations when it comes to dealing with impaired drivers. 

Effects on Your Insurance

It can be very difficult to obtain car insurance after an impaired charge. Companies will consider you a high-risk driver, and that will likely last for three years after your conviction, or even longer if you are a repeat offender. your premiums will either increase or your insurance company could decide to drop you as a client altogether.

While the impact of a DUI on your driving record is severe for some time, the consequences you face often linger for longer than three years. Impaired driving is a dangerous activity, and it is treated as such by both the federal and provincial governments. If you have questions about the impacts of a DUI on your driving record, the professionals at Zuber Brioux can help. Contact our legal experts to learn more.