Injured On The Job?

Injured On The Job?

When you’re injured on the job, you have rights to benefits, care, and support under the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance System. However, if you fail to document the incident or retain legal support properly, you may risk losing those benefits that are entitled to you. If you’re a worker in Ontario, make sure you understand what to do in case you’re injured at work by following these steps below.

Immediately Report The Injury

Even if it’s not serious, if you’ve been injured on the job, you should always report it directly to your supervisor. If you wait and there has been no documentation of the incident, you may risk losing your rights for compensation. Instead, once you tell your supervisor, they will have you fill out a form that will be further reported to the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

See Your Doctor

You should immediately seek medical attention if you have suffered a workplace injury. Let your doctor know that you were injured on the job, as there will be specific paperwork that your doctor will need to fill out as part of the WSIB requirements. This will ensure you receive the proper care for your injury and that you also have medical documentation that outlines your injuries and whether you will need to take time off work.

Consult With WSIB

It’s important that you directly contact the WSIB, as they help workers gain loss of earnings, benefits, health care coverage, and return to work assistance in relation to the job-related injuries. A Claims Representative will help you with all the details of your injury and guide you through the process that is covered under Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance System.

Talk To A Lawyer

When injured on the job, you have rights that are provided by law that entitle you to recover benefits under the Worker’s Compensation program. But you should also talk to a lawyer and take the proper legal action to help ensure that you’re able to recover all of the benefits that you should be entitled to. A legal representative can better guide you through the complicated process and will protect your rights to ensure you receive the best results possible and the maximum value of your compensation.

If you’ve endured a workplace injury, make sure you follow the appropriate process discussed above that will help ensure that you receive the most compensation for your injuries. And when you need legal assistance to help with your claim, contact us at Zuber Brioux. We’re here to evaluate your case and get you the benefits you deserve for your workplace injury.