Is It Worth a Lawsuit?

Is It Worth a Lawsuit?

There is no short way around it: a lawsuit is a lot of work. Much is required from the lawyers and much is required from the plaintiff, the person who brings a charge against another in a court of law. You should ask yourself before beginning any legal proceedings: is the pain worth the gain? Here are some questions to consider before bringing action against another person.

Were you legally wronged?

 If you are not completely sure that you were in fact legally wronged, then it might not be the best time to bring the courts into the picture. Sometimes people may be offended or feel as if they have entitlement to sue but in reality they do not have much of a case. Before bringing a legal action into court, be sure to spend some time with a lawyer and discuss your case at length.

Are there punitive damages to be had?

 Punitive damages are intended to punish the wrongdoer and are awarded to the plaintiff. They exceed basic compensation for whatever the crime was and the defendant is responsible for paying the full amount ordered by the judge. If your case holds the possibility for punitive damages to be awarded, then that is a driving factor to bring your case to court.

Do you feel the need to bring justice?

Some court cases are more about seeking justice for harm done as opposed to financial gain. There are many emotionally charged plaintiffs who only want to see those who have caused them harm be punished for their wrongdoing.

Are you committed to the lawsuit?

Lawyers can only do so much when it comes to bringing suit against someone on your behalf. There is a certain amount of input required by the plaintiff in order to successfully complete a lawsuit. The more time your lawyer spends on your suit, the higher your legal fees will be unless your lawyer offers a contingency fee arrangement, which Zuber Brioux does. Be certain that you can commit to all requirements of a lawsuit prior to starting. There will be court appearances, discovery, and multiple meetings with your lawyer. If your life is too hectic to commit to the lawsuit, perhaps you are not ready to file with the courts.

Do you have a competent lawyer to represent you?

As previously stated your lawyer will be heavily involved in your lawsuit and will be your voice in the courtroom. If you have an incompetent lawyer, maybe a family friend who has been representing the family for decades but is long past their prime, that can mean a quick end for your suit. Be certain that the person who is representing you and your interests is fully qualified and ready for the job.

The lawyers at Zuber Brioux have been practicing law for the better part of two decades and will be able to guide you through the legal process with ease and expertise.