Our Family Mediation Process

Our Family Mediation Process

Is your family being torn apart because of an ongoing dispute you cannot solve? It might be time to arrange for mediation services. This process is completely voluntary and designed to make sense of the issue, and identify obstacles and solutions so that you and your family can move forward. It’s a great way to ensure that every party gets a chance to have their side heard in a safe and comfortable environment. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, our legal team at Zuber Brioux would like to help. To understand if our family mediation process is right for your family, you can learn more about the practice below before deciding.

Getting To Know You


The first stage of our family mediation services is about getting to know you and your family. We’ll take the time to talk to each family member involved privately and confidentially to develop a deep understanding of how the conflict is impacting each person. It’s the opportunity to tell your side of the story and to share your specific circumstance.


Educate All Parties


Our team will then determine if mediation is the right process. If so, we will then educate those involved with what to expect during the mediation session. We will discuss any documentation that will be required to move forward and provide a retainer.


Serve As A Referee


The next step is a face-to-face meeting with all parties involved. We’ll let the family member discuss the circumstances at hand, as we act as a referee. As a mediator, we do not take sides, make the decision for the parties, or give legal advice. Each person will have time to speak without interruption and have their concerns voiced in a comfortable atmosphere.


Identify The Root Cause


We will ensure that all discussions are balanced and promote respectful communication. From the discussion at hand, we’ll help the group understand the root cause of the issue.


Solution Proposal


Once the issue has been identified, we’ll work with the family to find a solution that will respect everyone involved. This is done in a non-binding manner, which means we won’t decide on a settlement or even push you to settle. However, if no resolution can be found, the family can elect to arrange an arbitration or litigation process through us.


With decades of legal experience and mediation services, let our team at Zuber Brioux find an amicable resolution for all parties. Contact us today to learn more about our family mediation services.