Our Philosophy

We understand your stresses and do our best to ease the burden on your plate. Our philosophy is to keep you informed and up-to-date on your claim. Beyond that, we work to ensure you get the treatment and support you need through this difficult time. Paul, Tony, and the entire Zuber Brioux staff work together to ensure successful outcomes, because we care. We are straightforward yet personable. You place your trust in us and we fully respect this privilege. We believe in making justice affordable and accessible to everyone.

Our Availability

We do our best to be available at your convenience. We are happy to meet in our comfortable offices or to visit you at your home or in hospital. We will arrange a telephone meeting if time is of the essence. We place a priority on answering phones and checking email messages promptly and responding in a timely manner.

Our Fee Structure

This is a difficult time, and we understand that you have a variety of pressing medical or rehabilitation expenses, and may be coping with a loss of income. For this reason, we offer a contingency-based fee structure. This means that legal fees are only payable after the resolution of your case, based on an agreed-upon percentage of the overall recovery, plus any costs associated with pursuing the case. The rest goes entirely to you.

Our Success

We have an outstanding rate of settling cases out of court. Should your claim proceed to litigation, we are very experienced in court. No matter the legal avenue, we pride ourselves on our ability to diligently prepare and research a case. We have a strong reputation among lawyers and legal experts, and we put this track record to work on your behalf.