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Kingston Divorce Lawyers

With Zuber Brioux now specializing in family law services, our team of dedicated professionals can assist with cases pertaining to divorce. We’ve worked for years towards the goal of providing comprehensive, attentive, and knowledgeable divorce assistance that will ensure fairness and the welfare of all parties involved.

Our Knowledge of Divorce Proceedings Can Make a Difference

In Canada, divorces are granted by the courts, but many of the issues surrounding a divorce do not require appearing before a judge (such as instances where a separation agreement is reached). Regardless, Zuber Brioux can help you through every stage of divorce to minimize stress, so you can focus on the matters at hand with a clear mind. A successful divorce requires filling out a divorce application, which is then processed, and a divorce is then granted within three months to one year depending on the circumstances.

The Divorce Process

There are numerous steps along the way toward reaching the goal of a divorce order from the court. First, following a marriage breakdown is the best way to negotiate the terms of separation, with both parties contacting their lawyers. If this is not successful, the parties may consider an alternative dispute process to resolve their differences. Dispute resolution can involve a four-way meeting with parties and lawyers, or alternatively, mediation with a trained mediator.

Zuber Brioux’s Kingston divorce laywers can step in and work with your spouse and their attorney to negotiate each stage of the divorce process, regardless of whether a couple wishes to go through the court system or simply carry out a separation agreement before applying for a divorce.

Zuber & Brioux Family Lawyers: How We Can Help

Zuber Brioux can assist in a variety of ways with your divorce case, including performing financial calculations to determine spousal and child support. We will also assist with cases pertaining to child custody as a direct result of an impending divorce, with your children’s best interests and welfare at heart the entire time. Our team can also step in and assist with dispute resolution by collecting and exchanging information, putting stresses aside to identify the real issues at hand and then making proposals after determining all possible solutions. Most of our divorce clients prefer to have us represent them in negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and court proceedings if a resolution cannot be reached early on. We will also perform concise and professional litigation if the need arises.

At Zuber Brioux, our team consists of highly knowledgeable legal professionals who practice both family and personal injury law. By reaching out to our team, you’re working towards a brighter and more comforting future by efficiently negotiating towards a peaceful resolution. Contact us today to learn how we can help you reach the solution you desire.


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