Parenting Plan

Parenting Plan

Parenting Plan

When dealing with a troublesome marriage or unstable relationship, the well-being of your children is the always most crucial thing of all. At Zuber Brioux, we provide informed, comprehensive parenting plan related services aimed at protecting your family and ensuring parental guardianship of your little ones that is both fair and appropriate.

Custodial and Access Arrangements

In family law, a parent or guardian’s custody of their children represents a responsibility to care for and make appropriate life decisions for them. This includes their health, wellness, education, and religion. Access pertains to the time spent with the children in question, which can be adjusted to reflect the behaviour of each parent or guardian and the protection of the children for each visit. Our family lawyers will work closely with all involved parties to produce a satisfactory solution.

How We Can Help

By working with Zuber Brioux, you can consult with a legal professional who has the best interests of your children and family at heart. We’ll work to identify your specific needs, and then inform you about your rights and obligations as either a parent or guardian. We’ll utilize mediation, negotiation, and arbitration if necessary to encourage discussions, and we’ll be there to help you talk through any issues. If required, however, Zuber Brioux is ready to represent you in family court with our litigation services. We differ in our strategy from the rest; our primary focus is on healing emotional wounds and safeguarding the well-being of children in relationships that have become strained or distanced by divorce or separation. We’ll help you work out visitations and suitable hours, ensuring that all parties reach a decision that is mutually agreed upon and fair.

No Two Custody Cases Are the Same

In our experience, we’ve found that each and every family – every child, in fact – requires specifically unique forms of care and legal needs to guarantee their protection in the event of a custody arrangement. With our parenting plan services including mediation and litigation, Zuber Brioux can help deliver appropriate and proactive results even if your custody arrangement has special needs or requirements.

Time is of the Essence

When it comes to safeguarding the well-being and comfort of your children, it’s important to move quickly to secure a custody arrangement that respects you and your family’s needs. If a situation appears to be dangerous and you believe your children are at risk, it is even more crucial that you act now. Contact Zuber Brioux family lawyers today for greater peace of mind and a stress-free future regarding your children’s custody.


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