Separation Services

Separation Services

Separation Services

Many couples who decide to separate simply wish for a break from one another to rethink their future together, and sometimes this reprieve can result in two estranged spouses rejoining one another in marriage. However, at other times separation can either be indefinite or a precursor for divorce proceedings. Regardless of where your separation takes you, we at Zuber Brioux can make the process easier and far less stressful than it tends to be. With our knowledgeable legal guidance, you can create and complete a successful separation agreement.

There are many factors to consider when carrying out a separation from your spouse. First, it’s important to decide on what’s best for all parties, including your children. One of the spouses in the marriage must also find a new residence, and your personal property needs to be divided accordingly as well. In addition, financial support arrangements must be made. This means that the separation process can be difficult, with emotional stresses and other frustrations.

By consulting with Zuber Brioux, you can mitigate much of this stress by working with one of our legal professionals. Highly knowledgeable in family law and separation processes, our expert team will work closely with you and your spouse to create an amicable solution that is balanced, fair, and mutually agreed upon.

How We Can Help with Negotiations

Negotiations are what shape the outcome, length, and overall cost of a separation agreement process. We will work with you and your spouse to reach an amicable conclusion as quickly as possible, providing legal counsel and doing everything we can to help secure a peaceful resolution resulting in the creation of a separation agreement. If there happens to be a dispute, we’ll move forward with negotiating a resolution. This process involves helping a couple work through their differences so they can reach a solution or arrangement that they both agree upon.

Next Steps

Our legal team will assist you with planning the next steps in your living arrangements. If you intend to move on to the divorce process, we’ll work closely with you and your spouse to overcome legal hurdles such as child custody, property ownership, and division of assets, among other issues and disputes which may arise. Regardless of which direction you wish to take your separation in, we’ll use our extensive family law knowledge to propose suitable solutions and help you both work towards a new future.

Contact us at Zuber Brioux today for comprehensive and professional services geared towards assisting you with your separation, including legal counsel and mediation.


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