Seasonal Car Accidents

Seasonal Car Accidents

A car accident can happen at any time and to anyone. The unfortunate thing about car accidents is that many people tend to be affected, not just the driver that caused the accident to begin with. Whether the driver is at fault or if the accident was unavoidable due to weather, the effects of a car accident are devastating. The holiday season seems to provide increasing dangers for vehicle accidents. Here are some contributing factors for winter accidents.


There’s no denying that winter provides some of the most treacherous driving conditions that become the cause of many car accidents. Accidents caused by bad weather can be especially bad when slippery road conditions cause cars to slide long after the initial impact of a crash, possibly involving even more crash victims. Between slippery roads and reduced visibility from snowfall or snow drifts, winter driving is hazardous and the cause of many seasonal accidents.

Impaired Drivers

With the long-lasting party season spanning from December on into the new year, there is always the increased risk of impaired drivers on the roads. Impaired driving is the most preventable cause of accidents, and sadly turns out the highest death rate. Victims of impaired driving need to know their rights and be properly represented by knowledgeable personal injury lawyers to ensure the best possible financial outcome.

Holiday Party Pedestrians

With the party season lasting so long across the beginning of the winter months, there is also an increase in pedestrians on the sides of the roads. This can be troublesome for drivers who themselves fall victim to bad weather and lose control, causing bodily harm to be done to pedestrians innocently walking on the sidewalk or crossing the street. The same can be said for impaired drivers recklessly driving and hitting pedestrians.

Rushing Around

The holiday season provides drivers with a constant sense of urgency which can negatively affect their driving. Drivers who feel rushed in their travels are less likely to check their blind spots or to check for pedestrians or cyclists prior to entering an intersection. Oftentimes accidents are caused by drivers simply speeding in order to get to their destinations faster. A method that has been proven time and time again to not work and cause accidents.

Late Work Nights

The end of the year can mean a lot of late nights at the office, depending on what your field of work entails. Drivers who start their commute home after a long and trying day may be unfocused or tired. The level of focus required to safely operate a vehicle at night is greater than you may think. If the driver is not attentive they leave themselves open for poor driving decisions and accidents.

Car accidents happen all year round, but this time of year is particularly hazardous for many reasons. If you find yourself the victim of a car accident contact the offices of Zuber Brioux and ensure you are properly represented.