Slips and Falls Don’t Just Happen in Winter

Slips and Falls Don’t Just Happen in Winter

Although a large majority of accidents occur in the winter, it’s not the only time of the year that our law firm receives calls from victims. We receive a number of cases throughout the rest of the year that proves that slips and falls don’t just happen in the winter – they can take place at any time. To help you steer clear of injury, here are just a few of the common hazards to always be aware.

Oil Residue

Once the snow and ice melt away after the winter, there are new hazards to keep your eyes peeled out for, such as oil residue. Believe it or not, many slip and fall incidents happen because of oil residue every year. When oil drips from underneath cars, it can create a slick surface that’s hard to detect. So always keep your eyes out for oily patches in parking lots and pavements.

Uneven Surfaces

We all know what the extreme cold does to our roads and walkways, but we often forget that the summer heat also can cause significant damage. Excessive heat for consistent months can accelerate oxidation and cause the asphalt to dry up and crack. These cracks eventually turn into potholes that can accumulate water, creating uneven surfaces, which can be hard to identify. So always be mindful of where you are walking.

Wet Walkways

April showers bring more than just flowers. They also bring wet and slippery surfaces! Spring temperatures also fluctuate where the mornings and evenings can bring a light layer of due and even a little frost. If you’re not careful, these wet walkways can lead to a slip and fall injury.

Debris-Covered Stairs

Accumulated debris along stairways causes a number of slip and fall related incidents every year. If you’re not careful, something as minor as this can land you in the hospital.  Always be cautious of wet, accumulated debris along stairwells.

Slip and falls don’t just happen in the winter – they happen during all the seasons. And if you happen to slip and fall on a property other than your own, you may be able to seek compensation from the owner. It’s up to the owner to keep their property safe and maintained on a regular basis. Contact us at Zuber Brioux to find out if you’re eligible to receive compensation in a suit for your injuries.