Snowmobiling Dos and Don’ts

Snowmobiling Dos and Don’ts

Whether you hopped on a snowmobile to get around in the snow easier, or if you just want to have a little fun out in the cold. Riders in Ottawa, Kingston, and throughout Eastern Ontario love to explore the scenic trails and add some adventure to the otherwise dreary winter months. At the same time, there are lots of precautions that you need to put into action to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. We often hear about snowmobile accidents. They are caused by driver error, weather conditions, and hazardous conditions on trails.

Keep yourself safe on your snowmobile and take note of these important dos and don’ts the next time you hop on for a ride.

Don’t Go Too Fast

Speeding is one of the major reasons why people get into vehicular accidents these days. When you add snow, glare, and low visibility into the situation, accidents become even more likely. Snow is slippery and often makes it harder to make your way through a path. When you step on the gas and go faster than you should, losing control of your vehicle becomes a very real risk. Don’t try to go all action star in the snow – be wise. Let go of the gas and keep your snowmobile at a reasonable speed.

Don’t Leave Your Engine Running

Maybe you were just going to pick up a few things at the local store and you thought it would be a good idea to leave your snowmobile running while you got what you needed. While it might be convenient for you, leaving your engine on and unattended is a very bad idea.

Do Give Way to Other Vehicles and Pedestrians

If no one wants to slow down, who will? As a driver, the safety of everyone should be your concern. Don’t try to macho it out with others on the road. If one of you needs to slow down and make way, be safe and bring your snowmobile to a halt. This is especially true if you cross paths with hikers, cross-country skiers, snowshoers, and animals on the back roads.

Do Reduce Your Speed When There’s Oncoming Traffic

Especially when it’s dark. Oncoming traffic in the snow can increase the risk of an accident. If you cruise at a slow pace, you have more time to react and avoid an accident.

If you are involved in a snowmobile accident as a result of hazardous conditions on a recreational trail, you could be entitled to compensation. Contact Zuber Brioux as soon as possible for help with your claim.