Tips to Prevent Traumatic Injuries in Sports

Tips to Prevent Traumatic Injuries in Sports

Participating in sports is an excellent way to stay in shape, burn off energy and have fun. But it can also lead to severe injuries if you’re not wearing the right equipment or taking the necessary precautions during play or practice. Neglect and faulty equipment could also be risk factors to be mindful of. If you’re wondering how to prevent traumatic brain injuries in sports, as well as general injuries, follow these tips below.

Always Wear the Proper Gear

It’s the most obvious and the most important – always wear the proper gear before playing, especially when it comes to protecting your head and neck during physical sports. Protective equipment is essential for staying safe and reducing the chance of sustaining a serious injury. Whether it’s helmets, body pads, mouth guards, or eyewear, make sure each piece is properly fitted and will remain on you during play.

Take Care of Your Body

For those who play sports frequently and competitively, regular exercise is essential, not only to perform better, but also to safeguard your body from injury. This should include conditioning exercises to strengthen the muscles used during your sport. Exercises that improve flexibility should also be incorporated into regular exercise regimes, as well as stretching to reduce strain.

Take Breaks

Don’t overexert yourself too much. If you feel winded or need to rest, take a break. Overworking your body is a guaranteed way to tire it out faster and lead to injury. It’s important to pay attention and listen to what your body needs, even during practice. Remember that rest is necessary for you to play your best.

Use Proper Techniques and Follow the Rules

Listen to the experts when they show you the right techniques for playing and staying safe. These are reinforced for a reason and shouldn’t be ignored.

Don’t Play if You Feel Pain

If you’re feeling pain, don’t continue to play through it. Recognize when your body is hurting and needs to rest or heal. The longer you avoid it, the worse the pain could get, leading to a more serious injury that could take even longer to heal. Or worse, it could ruin your chances of playing indefinitely.

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