What to Do if You Were Hit by a Car While Jaywalking

What to Do if You Were Hit by a Car While Jaywalking

Walking down the street, you might realize there’s a shorter route to get where you’re going. Or, perhaps you want a drink from the coffee shop on the other side of the road, but don’t want to go all the way down to the intersection. The next crosswalk is a bit far as well, so instead, you look both ways before jaywalking across the street. While there are no federal laws prohibiting this, and municipal bylaws typically only apply if you’re obstructing traffic, it can still be dangerous. Speeding motorists might not see you coming and, should they fail to break in time, may hit you in the process. Read on for advice on what you can do if this happens.

Remain Calm

Depending on the impact, you might feel out of breath and will probably feel startled or shocked. The adrenaline in your body is likely to kick in and pause any intense pain, but only for a short time. Examine yourself and look for cuts, bleeding, immediate bruising, or any other causes of concern. It is important to call 911 immediately and report the incident. Do not wait.

Assess Your Surroundings

When possible, try to look around at the scene, and get up only if you aren’t injured enough to do so. See if anyone else has been injured, and talk to the driver of the car. Exchange information, but ensure you do not discuss details of what happened. Once the police arrive, explain the situation in as much detail as possible to them instead.

Document Specifics

If you’re able to, take out your phone and snap some pictures of where the accident took place. If there are any witnesses, ensure you get their names and phone numbers in case you need to contact them in the future. Write down what was happening before the accident while it is still clear in your mind, so you have an accurate account of what happened. A notes application on your phone can be useful in these circumstances. If you’re too injured to do this, have someone write these details down for you. Try to make note of the licence plate of the car that struck you.

Decide on Your Next Course of Action

If you are struck by a motor vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation for the incident. Once you have had a thorough medical examination that outlines your injuries, you can contact your insurance company for details on whether your coverage can help you. Alternatively, you might seek out a personal injury lawyer to build your claim against the driver. 

Jaywalking accidents can be traumatic events with dangerous consequences. Hiring experienced lawyers, such as our own legal professionals at Zuber Brioux, can ensure your rights are protected. Your case deserves to be handled by dedicated legal experts who are highly knowledgeable, should you choose to sue. Reach out to us today for more details or for assistance.