Tips to Avoid Injury During Winter Recreational Activities

Snow has arrived. A lot of people associate winter with being stuck inside, however, there are a wide variety of recreational sports to keep you active during the snowy season. Although facilities have a responsibility to keep you safe, there are steps you can take to avoid winter recreation injuries.

When riding your snowmobile avoid frozen rivers.

It is impossible to know the thickness of an icy river and Canadian weather changes so quickly.
The ice could easily crack and break under your snowmobile. Keep yourself and first responders
safe by sticking to the trails.

If you’re skiing or snowboarding do not stop on a trail.

You may not be visible if you decide to stop on the trail and could be putting yourself and
others at risk of collision.

Sharpen your blades before hitting the ice rink.

You may think dull blades are safer, but they can cause more harm. Blades that aren’t
sharpened will result in a higher chance of an injury from falling.

Check with local authorities before you go ice fishing.

You can check with your local authorities for information on ice conditions. If you have a
particular body of water in mind, it’s better to be safe and ask before heading out on the ice to

Use the buddy system.

It’s always wise to use the buddy system and have someone with you whether you are
snowmobiling or hitting the slopes. Make sure at least one person is aware of your location, so they can get help if needed.

Wear a proper helmet when enjoying winter activities.

Protecting yourself should be a priority. A day of fun could easily turn into an unfortunate
event. Always wear your helmet.

Don’t be afraid to head out and enjoy your favourite winter sport. If you or a loved one suffers an injury at a recreational facility, keep in mind you may still have a valid claim even if you signed a waiver.

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